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My opinion of the iPhone 3g

Monday, August 4th, 2008

So now that I have played with my iPhone 3g all I can say is WTF!?!? Apparently Apple doesn’t want you to use your iPhone to listen to music via Bluetooth. Why the he’ll would they not include all the Bluetooth profiles? The only profile available is the headset profile. You aren’t allowed to sync with your apps of choice, but you can sync with Apple’s choices…sigh. Nothing but Apple can run in the background, in other words you can’t do anything truly useful like instant messaging. You can however choose to receive them as SMS because AT&T can make money that way. It is like Apple wants their customers to jailbrake their iPhones so that they can get what they payed for. Why would a company do that? Do they honestly believe that their shit is so good that people will just live with a device that can do much but can’t because their overlords forbade it? I can live with having to use AT&T even though they have horrible coverage where I live (iCall, save me!), but having my phone crippled because some jackass thinks it provides a future upgrade path that Apple junkies will jump on at the mere mention of an improvement to the current “OS” is something that I have a real issue with. I paid for my iPhone and I want what I paid for. There are plenty of other software imposed limitations that should also be done away with, but I am tired of bitching for now.

My advice to anyone thinking about purchasing an iPhone is be prepared to be on lockdown or be prepared to “liberate” your iPhone from your Apple overlords. I am still on the fence but if Apple turns a deaf ear as it did after the first version then I won’t have to make a choice, Apple will have made it for me. Think different my ass, this reeks of the same bullshit corporations have been dishing out since they had shit to dish out.

Apple is the new Microsoft.

VNC Viewers

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

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So comparing the viewers for RealVNC and TightVNC and I must say that while RealVNC makes it feel like you are there by catching all of your key combos (except CTRL+ALT+DELETE) that is annoying as hell. You can’t alt tab out and there is no key combo to leave full screen mode (if there is one, I couldn’t find it). TightVNC doesn’t capture any of the key combos, but it has a combo for entering and leaving full screen mode. I may not be able to alt+tab within the VNC session, but at least I don’t have to jump through hoops just to access my local desktop.

I spend a lot of time in VNC sessions.  I work from home all the time and subsequently need to be on my work machine while working.  Some applications I run on my local box because it is far simpler and apps are more responsive locally.  So things like email and chat are run locally, but my IDE is remote because keeping two working copies of code is a more trouble than it is worth.  I would have to stab myself in the eye if I had to merge my own unchecked in files then merge again with the repository.  Yes you may say but you can just sync your changes with each copy before modifying them.  My answer is I don’t want to wait the time it takes to check gigs of files and sync changes every time I start up my IDE.

Links for the apps:



The Awakening

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

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Recently I have found myself waking up from a mentally chaotic, emotionally difficult and physically stagnant cauchemar. It is like wiping an old mirror clean, under the thick grey layer of years past it is still as beautiful and functional as the day it was crafted. I am that mirror and I am awake. I can think with less distracting thoughts pulling me away with little chance of me returning anytime soon or at all. My favorite quote is by Alphonse Allais, “Ne remets pas à demain, ce que tu peux faire après-demain.” That was my modus operandi for as long as I have had memories.

After nearly a month of treatment I find that I do things because they need to be done. I still struggle with certain things, but that is nothing compared to the improvement to the quality of my life. I am more relaxed and take the time needed to get something done as opposed to flying through it. That is true for most activities. There is only one side effect that I have, dry mouth. It seems that is a common side effect of methylphenidate. I need to find a solution for it.

When my doctor told me to not to take the pill after 5 because it could keep me awake I did not listen very well. Needless to say I learned the hard way that a drug that is also used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and narcolepsy would be really good at keeping you bright eyed and bushy tailed late into the night.

So things are looking good. I find that my dedication to work has increased meanwhile at home things have also improved. I no longer sacrifice chunks of my soul to keepers of WoW. I enjoy the game but I don’t feel the need to waste away while staring at a virtual environment. I have lost 14lbs since I don’t rush through my meals. That and snacking seems go have completely stopped.

Thank you medical science

So much learnin

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

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My brain is tired… Well not really, but my fingers and body are. I have been doing lots of CSS/Javascript work recently.  I am using YUI for an app I am working on at work.  While it is very useful and makes things a lot easier, my Javascript skills are … well old.  Think Netscape Navigator kind of old.  I stayed away on purpose, avoiding the pain of dealing with the browsers.   That is no longer the case.  Anyhoo, after realizing that I needed to purge what Javascript I knew things began to make sense.  I only wish I had realized very early on that I needed to start with a clean slate and learn it all from the beginning. Oh well.  JS isn’t all that bad, but I’ll take strong typing and early binding over it any day.  I am sure I will have more to say when I have recovered from my ‘extended day’ regimen that I have been on for the past month.  So much to learn and so much to do.

I like this feeling.  I just need to control the urge to learn something new while a dead-line looms on the horizon.

Moving servers, pardon the fresh wp install smell.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
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I am in the middle of changing hosting providers.  I am not going to be keeping wp much longer, I just put up a fresh install and imported the old data.  I may put in a few more entries before I have the replacement ready.

Oh, by the way…

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

I had my surgery on January 12th. Being put under is the oddest sensation. One minute I am coherent the next I am speaking in Tongues and then I wake up in a strange room surrounded by nurses and doctors that apparently couldn’t hear me even though I was speaking :-/ But after that “body snatchers” part was over the recovery was what I expected. The pain in my back from then incision only lasted 10 days or so. I have pain in my leg still, but the doctors and PTs tell me it will go away over the next few weeks following the surgery. It definitely was a major improvement over the pre-surgery pain, but I am not sure I can tell that I am making that much improvement. I am off the pain killers for the first time since this ordeal started in September of 2006 now I just take my acetaminophen and deal with the pain that is left. I limp and am tilted to my left side, but I do feel better than I did. Now to get rid of this last bit of pain…

My Back

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Early September I hurt my back. More specifically I developed a bulging disk in my back. OMFG it kills! I have never been in so much fucking pain. I have been living with this pain for a month now and still no real change. Various doctors have prescribed various drugs in varying strengths with similar results…none. The only thing that has helped is freakin’ oxycodone. I have been on a fucking narcotic for the better part of a month and I still am not getting better. It dulls the pain, but I want more than just pain dulling. I want progress.
I am tired of having to struggle to put on my socks sometimes failing all together. I smile to everyone, but I am tired. I can’t even shower on my own… I have my partner to help, but this is a lot to ask of him. I reached a point where I am afraid to ask for things from him because I know that he is tired of helping and I don’t blame him. But I can’t do it myself…
I have found myself crying because I am unable to perform simple tasks or the pain is overwhelming and I don’t see any hope. I have never felt so helpless before. I am hopeful that the physical therapy I have started will help me get through this, but I am concerned that I will be in this position for at least another month.